Why it’s important to live your life offline, in real time!

This month, I’ve made it a point to focus less on social media online, and more on social activities offline. Often, hours have passed before I’ve checked my smartphone. This could seem impossible to some, but the results have been wonderful!

Many people may call this anti-social, but my “living social” isn’t about technology. And it certainly isn’t about getting distracted every few seconds by pings and rings. It’s about living in the moment and enjoying my friends, family, colleagues and community up close and personal, and giving my time and attention to those I love, including me.

It’s funny: I was just remembering my boss remarking in 2006—the year I got my first smartphone–that hand-held devices would become the height of convenience. And, that’s true with some things. But, if you let it, technology can become more of an inconvenience—taking precious time away from your day.

When you live offline, you’re not staring at your Facebook or Twitter feed, waiting for comments, retweets and likes; or missing the pleasure of an event because you’re too busy posting statuses and pictures about it.

When you live offline, the most important timeline is your own life–day-to-day. And that time goes by fast, so–savor it! Pay attention to it. Be present in it. Experience it. Feel it.

That’s how you live your life to its fullest.

How are you going to enjoy your day today?



Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan

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