Today: Choose Yaaaaaaahoooooooo!!!

choose yahoo in your life, the power of positve thinking

A long time ago, I remember hearing a story about 2 women learning to ski for the first time: one very fun-loving, one very anxious. The story is told from the perspective of the anxious woman, as she observes the more confident woman descending the mountain ahead of her.

The storyteller is amazed as she watches this woman fly down the slope, all the while yelling “yaaaaaahooooooooo!!!”

The anxious woman descends next, and shares how she goes slowly, cautiously, fearfully…all the while praying that she won’t die.

When the 2 meet and talk at the bottom of the hill, the anxious woman asks, “How did you do that?? Wasn’t your heart pounding like crazy? Wasn’t your pulse racing? Weren’t you petrified???”

The “yahoo” woman replied: “Yes, my heart was pounding like crazy. And, yes—my pulse was racing. But I saw it as excitement—not fear.”

We all make this same choice every day: to live our lives in fear or excitement.

So—what’s it going to be?

I’m going with “Yaaaaahoooooooooo!”

I hope you do too.



Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan


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