The Raise Rules: What You Need to Know to Ask for What You Want. Rule#1:

What you need to know to ask for what you want

I was recently asked, “I’ve been in my company for 13 years, and feel I deserve a raise for that. How do I approach my boss?”

So, I thought I’d share a number of tips to help you become more confident and successful throughout your career.

This question prompted the first raise rule, which is:

It’s the quality, not the quantity, which matters most in your career.

Case in point: A woman who once worked for me insisted that she be promoted from manager to VP simply because she had been in her job for 30 years. Her responsibilities hadn’t changed much, and neither had she, except for her sarcasm and sense of entitlement, which had grown to aggravating proportions.

She kept insisting that she deserved a huge raise and higher title because she had 30 years of experience. What she really had was 1 year, repeated 30 times! She was furious when I told her “No.”

Longevity may have been a useful bargaining tool years ago (especially if you were well-liked, flexible, helpful—a great team player) but it’s not the first and best card to play today.

Today, it’s the value you bring to the present and the future of your company that matters most. It’s not just about what matters most to you. When you’re asking for a raise, what’s more important is what matters most to your audience–the people who can say “Yes.”

I’ll discuss getting to “Yes” more in upcoming rules on your road to success.


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