The Raise Rules: What You Need to Know to Ask for What You Want. Rule#2:

So, here’s the second raise rule (which I can’t stress enough):

Know your audience.

It’s important to understand that when you ask for anything, you must be aware of the person you’re asking. Remember: it’s never just about you.

Before asking for that raise, consider asking yourself:

“What does the corporate culture indicate about increases in salary?”

“What’s my boss’s motivation in helping me?”

“What does she/he want that I offer?”

“What does she/he get out of all this?”

“What time of day is best to approach my boss and what time is best to schedule an appointment?”

“How will I handle any hurdles, including rejection?”

“Who is the person that can really say ‘Yes,’ and what matters most to them?” (Hint: The “Yes” person is often not your direct report.)

And—“What else do I need to be prepared?”

It’s important to note that when you ask for a raise, you should never make your boss do the work (eg: listing your accomplishments or additional responsibilities, or writing your updated job description.) You must do it for them.

So—do you know your audience?

I certainly hope so!


Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan


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