30-Second Cure for Anxiety: Using Mantras

30-second cure for anxiety

What you say when you talk to yourself is very powerful. You can make your own thoughts and words work for you—or against you–even in the midst of a hectic day.

Awareness is the first key, so, the minute you feel yourself getting anxious and stressed, recognize any negative messages you’re sending yourself. Then, substitute a more powerful and positive message by using a mantra.

Mantras are repeated words or phrases used to help in concentration and meditation. In this instance, a mantra is a form of brainwashing, cleansing your mind of stress, and forcing you to abandon your negative beliefs in favor of something more positive.

For instance: Your boss has just given you a difficult project. Your anxiety is rising as you begin to worry about all the “what-if’s” that could go wrong. You just got the assignment, and are already convincing yourself that you will fail.

With a mantra—one which you create that makes you feel safe and secure—you replace the bad belief with something good. It could be as simple as “I am calm, confident, successful and in control.” It’s the phrase and the repetition of the phrase that does the trick!

Compose a mantra right now that makes you feel good. Repeat it throughout the day, and see how you feel.

Remember: Just as you can talk yourself into the bad, you can also convince yourself of the good.

Try it. Repeat it. And see…….


Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan


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