How’s your day going?

Today started out crazy for me.

I had taken most of yesterday off to attend the Christie’s preview of Magnificent Jewels. I specifically wanted to view an 80 carat diamond before it was auctioned this evening. The weather in Manhattan was terrific—we’re finally showing signs of spring in New York. And, the yes—the diamond was magnificent! It—and my day—were flawless.

But, this morning brought a dismal, rainy start, filled with a long catch-up list. By 3 o’clock (and after too many interruptions), I was ready to write the day off as a total disaster. Then, the weather started to improve, and so did my mood. I began to pick up steam, and zipped through my list!

It reminded me how often we can write the day off way too soon. Sometimes, even before we leave the house.

A nasty start doesn’t guarantee a terrible finish.

You just need to have confidence that things will improve.

Here’s hoping that your day turned out flawless!


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