How to Get Unstuck in Your Career: Tip #1

Tips on how to get unstuck

From time to time, throughout your career, you will feel stuck. Trust me, you are not alone.

This feeling brings up questions. Many of which may sound like this:

Should I leave my present employer?

Should I take that job that pays less but has more meaning for me?

Should I change direction completely?

Should I start my own company?

Should I ask for a raise, even though I might leave?

What should I do??

The first thing you need to know when you’re feeling stuck is this:

Don’t put yourself down for being who you are and where you are.

Which leads me to tip #1 for getting unstuck: Stop using the word “should.”

“Should” is a pressure-point word that sets limitations and suggests guilt, anxiety, and wrong-doing.

Often, “should” relates to someone else’s expectations, and not your own. Think of someone pointing a finger at you (a parent or spouse, perhaps?), and telling you what you should be doing. And, now you’re pointing the finger at you!

Uncomfortable, yes?

So, try this instead: Replace the word “should” with words such as, “could,” “would,” and “if I wanted to.” For instance: “If I wanted to, could I start my own company?” and “Would I like to change direction in my career?”

Should means “supposed to” and “must” do. “Could, “ “would, ” and “if I wanted to” opens your world to possibility and “can” do.

Which sounds and feels better to you?

When you base your decisions more on desire, and less on demand, it’s easier to get unstuck.

The choice is yours after all.

So—what would you like to do?


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