Relaxing Rituals: De-stress with more success.

Relaxing rituals

In every workday, there are corporate rituals: procedures and routines designed to ensure safety, performance and productivity. We respect them and adhere to them.

We also need to develop rituals in our private lives: Habits that help us feel relaxed, refreshed and de-stressed so we, too, can safeguard our health, performance and productivity. We need to respect them and adhere to them too.

One habit that helps me relax is shutting down my phone and computer for the evening, preferably from 8 pm to 7 am. Not surfing Facebook, or answering texts and emails late into the night has changed my life! It’s given me the time to focus on enjoying things such as: taking a bath by candlelight; getting engrossed in a good book (yes—the hard-cover kind); chatting with my friends and family; or just being quiet with my thoughts.

And, here’s the astounding thing: Shutting down has upped my performance and productivity. After a relaxing evening, I’m raring to go the next day!

What relaxing rituals do you have?


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