Shortcut to Confidence: Networking

Women of Influence

Recently, I attended the TJ Martell Women of Influence luncheon at the lovely Guastavino’s restaurant in midtown. It was a great event to raise money and awareness for women battling breast cancer.

I was captivated by the inspirational speeches, and the large, supportive audience. And, then, I realized there was another battle going on in that room.

People were struggling in their attempt to network: How to introduce themselves. How to say what they wanted to say. How to make new connections. How to be memorable in a good way.

I get this. I’ve been in this situation many times.

Here’s one thing I’ve discovered that can help you:

Try to get inside other peoples’ heads instead of getting stuck in your own! Stop focusing inwardly on your anxiety, and start focusing outwardly on the person you’re meeting. What is it they want to say? What’s important to them?

That’s how you start to build great relationships.

Just like the amazing TJ Martell Foundation, when you focus your attention on the needs of others, your battle becomes victory!



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