Things you should never say on your first day at work.

Recently, Business Insider contacted me for tips on what you should never say on your first day at work.

Everyone has anxiety when starting a new job—some, more than others. It’s natural to want to be liked–to impress and fit in quickly. However, many try too hard, and talk too much when they should be listening.

Here 13 things you should never say from the article:

One great way to take some pressure off yourself is to focus outside yourself on your new team. Ask people what they do, and how you’ll be working together.

First—it demonstrates interest. People love to talk about themselves and their expertise—let them. Second, it helps you get your bearings–-the people and processes around you. Most of all, it builds your confidence because you are doing one the most important things you will ever need to do throughout your career: Ask questions.

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