How do you like the new look?

Yesterday, I changed the look of this blog. My initial intention was to create just one new page (for Business a la Carte—more on that to come).

However, I was surprised when it developed into a complete overhaul! A larger project (and change) than I expected!

I felt a little lost and a lot of anxiety. As I got deeper into the project and complications arose, my brain began to scream “No!” I wanted to back away. I wanted to return to the old look. After all, technology and I are not the best of friends.

I realized then that many of us feel this way when facing change. It feels much more comfortable—and safe– staying where we are. We’re always more confident in familiar surroundings, aren’t we?

So—how did I get past my fear to here?

First—I changed my mindset from “No” to “Yes.” Yes—it’s that simple. I opened my mind and got it in a more positive place. I got curious. I experimented.

Next, I asked better questions. Instead of “Why me?” and “Why is this so annoying??,” I asked “What do I need to know?” and “How can I make it work?” I also asked “Who can help me?” and got the support I needed.

Finally, I stopped getting overwhelmed by the project in its entirety. Instead, I broke it down into manageable tasks, and completed them one at a time.

I realized I could handle this. No matter what, my site would survive, and so would I.

In fact, I like the new look!

What I like even more is how I feel afterwards.

In a word: Confident!




Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan

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