“We all carry scars, Mr. Bates—inside and out.”

While revisiting the first series of Downton Abbey last night, this quote—said by Mrs. Hughes to John Bates—caught my attention.

I have advised many people over the years who have felt defective in some way. Sometimes, they were fired from a job. Sometimes, they suffered an illness. Sometimes, they succumbed to panic attacks and depression. Sometimes, they were out of work for a long time. And, sometimes, they just made a simple career mistake.

Whatever it was, the memory of what they consider to be failure holds them back.

Memory plays a huge role in confidence. It will bully its way into your brain and wreak havoc, often without you being aware of its presence. You feel scarred and scared—afraid that others will find out.

Sometimes, this even forces you to confess. To tell your secret. To reveal your weakness.

The thing to remember when you feel defective is this:

Everyone carries scars—inside and out. They are marks of life.

The memory of how you got them may be harsh, but never let that deter you. When you move forward in the present to get to a better future, the scars of your past become signs of healing.


Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan


Quote from Downton Abbey written by Julian Fellowes


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