Dressing with Confidence: Do’s & Don’ts

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Of all the tips I can give for dressing with confidence, the most important is this:

Wear clothes that fit you properly.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you:

Do wear pieces with a flattering cut. Like a precious gem, cut accounts for 40% of perceived value.

Do buy items that fit right at the shoulder and waist—nothing should be tight.

Do move around in the fitting room to ensure comfort—-sit, bend, twist. No one just stands at attention in the workplace.

Do wear fabrics and styles that breathe and feel comfortable. Cotton blends are fabulous!

Do shop your own closet. Often, you can find some amazing piece that’s been sitting in the back of your wardrobe.

Do consider tailoring. It’s amazing what a nip and tuck, or a let-out, can do for a garment!

Don’t buy anything with seams that pull, zippers that tug, fabrics that itch, or straps that droop. You will not appear confident if you’re constantly fidgeting.

Don’t fall for sales! If an item doesn’t fit you correctly, it’s not worth it. Walk away!

Don’t get so hung up on size. If you think you’re a size 8, and a size 10 fits you better—buy the 10.

Don’t follow trends. Ever heard the saying “What’s old is new again”? Fashion is always revolving. Focus on what looks good and feels good.

And, finally—don’t overpay. There are so many great ways to find fabulous clothes (including vintage and consignment shops). After all, being in debt is not fashionable—it adds unnecessary stress which robs you of confidence.


Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan


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