The Raise Rules: Rule #4

What you need to know to ask for what you want

Voila! We’re up to Raise Rule #4–what you need to know to ask for what you want– and here it is:

Know yourself.

Do you believe in yourself and your abilities?

Your mindset is everything, and confidence is at the core of it all. The less confident you are, the less risk you take, and the less money you make.

And, I’m not talking attitude here– never walk into your boss’s office angry or arrogant. I’m talking a belief in yourself and your abilities—that you will be OK: safe, secure, successful—regardless of outcome.

After all, asking for a raise is being able to market yourself successfully. To believe in your product—you—first and foremost. This is critical not only to selling your value to your audience but to accepting any outcome gracefully.

If you’re not comfortable with this, get the support you need before you walk into your boss’s office. Talk with a coach, a confidente, a family member, a therapist–people who will lift you up, not push you down.

Then ask.

And remember: Your salary is only a company’s perception of you. Your perception of you is the one that matters.


Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan

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