Facing Cancer with Confidence: Beginning the Process

Between dream and dream-come-true, lies the process—the path to success.

You need skill and confidence to stay on course during this process—more so, if you have been diagnosed with cancer.

Since my husband was diagnosed, I have seen that the process is a lot longer than most imagine.

Just the testing process alone, prior to diagnosis, can be overwhelming!

There are so many steps. So many ups and downs. There are hopeful moments, often followed by catastrophic ones.

This is a process where you need to off-set the emotional by getting grounded in the practical.

In my husband’s case, that involved reading up on his type of cancer and the process recommended to diagnose, stage and treat it. It also included reaching out to people who went through a similar process, as well as support groups, to get their input and doctor recommendations.

That led to a long list of questions which have now been answered.

Yes—I know it’s difficult for many of you to ask questions, but, you must!

One person asked me: “How can you bear to read or talk about it? Why not just trust the doctors?”

I can only say this: If you were having your kitchen resurfaced, or ripped out and redone, would you just hire a contractor and say “Do what you want—I trust you”????

No–you wouldn’t.

Then, why would you do that with your body?

Knowledge is power. Educating yourself is the first step on the path.

Focusing on facts helps you manage your feelings, as you begin to replace the emotional with the practical.

You begin to understand the process, and become more confident in your choices.

And, that’s the first step towards your dream-come-true: a successful recovery.



Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan


All Facing Cancer with Confidence posts are dedicated to everyone battling cancer, and those that fight alongside them: If these posts help you in any way, I am thrilled!

I am also giving a shout-out to my friends at the TJ Martell Foundation, the music industry’s largest research foundation that focuses on finding cures for Aids, leukemia and cancer. Thank you!

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