Confidence quote of the week: “If a door doesn’t open….”

I read a line recently: “If a door doesn’t open, it is not your door.”

I have no idea who said it, but the quote stayed with me.

There have been a few doors in my life that haven’t opened.

However, most people who know me will say that, when I can’t get through a door, I try a window, a back door, even the chimney!

Sometimes, when we are faced with doors that just won’t budge, we tend to keep banging our fists against them, in hopes that it will do the trick.

Often, the results are just deep frustration and despair.

Instead, try stepping back and considering alternative methods. Look at options. Devise new plans. Ask for help.

When we open our minds to new solutions, it is often the key to opening doors.



Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan

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