Facing Cancer with Confidence: It’s OK to Cry

Here’s something you never thought an expert in confidence would say:

When facing cancer, it’s OK to cry.

This is no greeting card sentiment. This is the real deal.

Just the word “cancer” can produce high levels of fear and anxiety.

And, after such a diagnosis, you need time to adjust. To make decisions. To face such a life-altering change and challenge.

Crying helps you release a lot of stress and anxiety from your body.

As my mom always said, “Better in than out.” This is one smart lady.

I actually think it takes confidence to cry.

So, cry when you need to, even at work.

Find a place of privacy. Find a co-worker who can help.

Don’t worry what others will think.

Just be kind to yourself, and when you need to, cry.



Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan

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