What is the hallmark of workplace confidence?

When it comes to work, many people are great at talking a good game. They say what should be done and when.

But when it comes to action—to moving the ball forward successfully and getting things done? Not so much.

Most people want to be the thinkers—the strategists. The ideas people.

Very few are terrific at execution. And without execution, nothing succeeds.

Ideas don’t see the light of day. Companies lose money and fold.

Execution is everything. To me, it is the hallmark of workplace confidence, which comes with taking action.

Sometimes, perfectionism kills confidence, and hurts execution.

But, to do—to move forward—you cannot wait for perfection.

Remember: Thinking is good. Over-thinking is not good.

So, get confident and get going!

Have a productive day!


Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan

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