Do You Know How to Party Like a Pro?? Tip #2

7 signs you party and network like a pro

So, here’s the next tip to help you know how to party like a pro, and get you through corporate holiday events:

#2: You’re sociable, so you easily mingle.

In other words—you’re not always glued to your teammates. You row away from the rocks, and spend some time meeting new people. Even tech and finance people tend to loosen up at these events, so introduce yourself to a few. Often, I’ve been surprised at how uninhibited people are outside the office.

If you find this difficult, try this simple trick: Think like a host. Yep–go around and help your guests feel at ease. Most people are just as uncomfortable as you are in these situations, so make the most of it. Helping others to relax helps you to relax too!

The holidays are a great time for building new relationships, so get out there and start building!





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