Do You Know How to Party Like a Pro? Tips 4 & 5

Party like a pro, not a schmo

We’re in the final countdown of ways to know if you party like a pro!

Here are tips #4 and 5:

#4: You know no one likes a suck-up.

Especially your boss. I’ve watched people go out of their way to impress CEOs and VPs—I’ve even been on the receiving end—and I can tell you it’s uncomfortable. It feels too staged and manipulative–probably because it is!

Trust me, if you don’t think you’re transparent, think again.

#5: You don’t get sloppy.

Over the years, I’ve seen employees and executives do some pretty foolish things at parties, such as using their fork as a backscratcher or falling drunkenly backwards into a potted plant. In today’s highly connected world, where an unflattering picture or video of you can be taken instantly and live on social media forever, you’re as much a target for risk and ridicule as Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen.

Remember–this is still a professional event. Save the Red Bull and vodka concoctions for another time.


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