Organize U: Making the Most of Downtime

organize u--making the most of downtime

This week is often slow for many businesses, with employees, customers and clients away for the holidays.

I never take vacation this week, but I do downshift.

One thing that’s always on my schedule is getting organized. I especially enjoy sorting through magazines and computer/paper files, and keeping only what’s needed. I happily purge the rest!

As our “paperless” society seems to have created more piles of stuff than ever before, here are a few tips you may find helpful when reviewing paper periodicals and pamphlets:

1. Instead of thumbing through an entire publication, scan the table of contents. Clip out only what catches your eye. Throw the rest of the magazine in the recycling bin.
2. Determine what publications you can switch to digital delivery, and make it happen.
3. Take magazines and pamphlets with you to the gym, and review them while you’re on the exercise bike or treadmill. (This is the only time I enjoy multitasking!)

Getting your space in shape this year will lighten your load and your outlook as you head into the New Year!

Happy purging!,


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