How to Dress for Success with Less Stress: Using Scarves

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I am often asked (primarily by women) for tips on dressing for success. “Success” doesn’t only include acing a job interview or asking for a promotion.

A big part of success is time management: Getting where you need to be—unhurried, un-flurried, and looking your best!

One accessory which can help you get ready quickly and easily is a scarf. Scarves are fabulous for many reasons:

1. They can take the place of jewelry (and make a bolder, and more professional, statement).
2. They help you experiment with color.
3. They dress up—and jazz up—a plain suit or LBD.
4. They flatter your face and complexion.
5. They give you a pop of color or pattern.
6. They’re versatile (e.g. a long scarf works around your head, your neck and/or your waist)
7. They pack and travel easily.
8. They feel fabulous (and snuggly)!
9. They can hide a multitude of sins, such as a blouse that’s cut too low for work, or even a small stain!

I prefer silk because it has what is known as “great hand”—supple to the touch, and luxurious against your skin. And, with today’s sales and discount fashion stores, silk scarves are much more affordable than many high-end accessories.

You can even experiment in a store, and ask the salesperson for the best ways to wear them.

Just enjoy getting wrapped up in them! 😉



Copyright 2016 Michelle Kerrigan

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