How to Dress for Success with Less Stress: Go-To Looks

Have you ever been in a hurry, and rifled through your closet full of clothes, only to stress that you have nothing to wear??

A big part of success is organization and time management: Getting your hands on what you need, when you need it, and getting out the door, on time—unhurried, un-flurried, and looking your best!

One way to dress for success in less time and with stress is:

Have 4-5 go-to looks.

Go-to looks are complete outfits that make you look and feel good, which you can reach for in an instant.

To get your go-to looks, take some of your favorite clothes and accessories out of your closet: pants, jackets, dresses, shoes, bags. Why are they your favs? The fit? The color? The pattern? The way they flatter your features? The comfort?

Hopefully, it’s all of the above.

Next, put together 4-5 complete looks using these pieces. Include jewelry and scarves as well. You’ll probably see a pattern in your best looks. Make note of them.

Now, try on all the looks.

Once you’re certain of your choices—these are your go-to looks!

Snap a few photos with your phone as a reference.

You’re ready!

Now, when you’re crunched for time: Ta-da! All the stress and guess will be gone!



Copyright 2016 Michelle Kerrigan

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