How to dress for success with less stress: Portable Garment Racks

Are you one of those people who has a clothes closet jammed to the gulls?

If so, getting dressed can be a nightmare: Like trying to find a nice blouse in the chaotic, squished, after-holiday clearance racks! Impossible!

It’s when you find yourself in this situation, with more stuff than space, that it may be time to purge. However, you may not be ready to let go yet.

Try this trick: Use portable garment racks as temporary storage and makeshift “closets”!

I ordered mine from Uline for roughly $79 and they’ve been a lifesaver! They assemble and disassemble easily and roll on wheels anywhere you wish!

One way I use these racks is to separate winter clothes from summer. I also found an inexpensive screen, and created a new “closet” space in my basement in minutes!

Voila! Here’s the result:

organizing your closet, dress for success

You can also thin out your closet by hanging what you don’t wear often on a rack. Then, if you don’t source that rack in a specific amount of time (6 months, perhaps?) it may be time to give these pieces the heave-ho!

Remember: “Success” includes being organized and on top of your game, able to get where you’re going on time, looking and feeling great!


Copyright 2016 Michelle Kerrigan

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