How to dress for success with less stress: Drawer organizers

how to dress for success with less stress

A big part of “success” is feeling more confident and less stressed. This includes your wardrobe, and creating a system you love and trust. One that supports you, and makes you feel good and on top of your game.

A successful system gets you where you need to go, on time, and looking your best!

One system that may work for you is using drawer organizers.

These little inexpensive items are fantastic! Why?:

• They help you sort like with like, e.g. all bangles or rings or tie clips in one compartment.
• They work for many items: jewelry, socks, ties, etc,
• They give you easy visual cues of your entire inventory.
• They help you easily-and effortlessly-store and retrieve items.
• They’re portable, and can be lifted out and moved from place to place. (and reviewed from time to time, and possibly, repurposed)

Some places to purchase drawer organizers include The Container Store, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods.

To be sure you’re buying what you need:

• Decide which items you’ll be organizing to get an idea of the amount of storage you’ll need. (This is good time to sort and purge)
• Measure the drawers you’ll be using and take that and a tape measure with you to the store. (or, if ordering online, be sure of measurements).
• Also take a sample of what you’ll be storing to the store, to see how it works.
• Whichever way you purchase, just be certain that you can return anything that doesn’t work for you.

Happy organizing, and cheers to your success!


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