How to dress for success with less stress: Wearing Perfume

dress for success with less stress

When I was very young, I tried my mom’s perfume for the first time. In fact, I got carried away with the spray!

I remember my father looking at me with his nose scrunched up, because I had overdone the scent. He said “Perfume is meant to enhance, not overwhelm.”

Wise advice that I have never forgotten.

Scent is a part of everyone’s wardrobe, whether it’s perfume, cologne, oil, or aftershave.

Here are a few tips to help you wear your scent with confidence:
• Have a signature scent. Just like your favorite go-to outfits, select one scent that you adore. This makes life easy when you’re on the go. Mine is, and has always been, Chanel No. 5.
• Perfume contains the highest concentration of scent, so it is more powerful and lasts the longest. I like the less powerful (and less expensive) Eau de Parfum version, but this is a personal choice.
• Apply scent only to your body—not your clothes—as it can stain.
• Remember: scent is meant to work with the heat from your pulse points, which include your inside wrist, the back of your knees, behind your ears, and along your neck line.
• Lastly, just as I learned early in life—don’t overdo! Enhance, don’t overwhelm.


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