Why you must expect, respect and accept change to be successful.

Yesterday, I was speaking with a potential coaching client. She is very young—in her 20s—and is looking for the perfect fit in her career.

She is not alone. Many people crave a career that they love and that they can sustain forever.

However, there’s one hitch: Change.

It’s dangerous to depend on a specific job, or company, for your happiness. Circumstances change—often in an instant—and your job, your company, your team, and/or your career may disappear quickly.

That’s why, going forward, you need to:
1. Expect change. Keep your eyes—and your mind—open to change. Keep your network open, too.
2. Respect change. Go forward with a positive problem-solving attitude, instead of a negative problem-generating one.
3. Accept change. Acknowledge that the world is always evolving and, to survive and thrive, you must evolve too.

Remember: Your ability to navigate change boosts your confidence and self esteem, and those are the best changes of all!



Copyright 2016 Michelle Kerrigan

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