Confidence quote of the week: Expectations.

What is the only reason why someone can be unhappy or miserable? Because life is not happening the way they think it should happen, isn’t it? There is no other reason for human misery.”—Sadhguru

I love this quote from Sadhguru, a famous Indian yogi and mystic. It speaks to our own expectations, which are often too high, and create much of our own anxiety, disappointment and misery.

These expectations (also known as “shoulds”) extend well beyond ourselves to the world around us. While it’s good to have goals, we are often unrealistic about anticipated outcomes. It is then that we set the scene for suffering.

Let’s take, for instance, the concept of “I’ll be happy when….” I smile thinking how this thought has set me up for huge disappointment. “I’ll be happy when I make X amount of money.” “I’ll be happy when I make VP.” I’ll be happy when I buy that gorgeous bag I saw in Saks.”

So often, my expectations either didn’t materialize or they just didn’t live up to—well– my expectations!

Now, I’ve learned to go more with the flow of life, and to be joyous now, not when.

I have learned to be more grateful for what I already have and for the all the wonderful people in my life.

I have learned to stop “shoulding” all over myself, and everyone else.

And, in doing this, I have learned to be more happy and content.

Try lowering your expectations a little this week, and see.


Copyright 2016 Michelle Kerrigan

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