Is beauty only skin deep?

Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty, Is Beauty only skin deep?

Have you been following Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty on Ovation?

I’m fascinated by it!

Rachel travels around the globe to uncover the beauty secrets of many cultures.

One episode that really caught my eye was her visit to Seoul, South Korea, a city that she reports has the highest amount of cosmetic surgery in the world.

1 in 5 women have work done on their faces and bodies, because—as one plastic surgeon says—“You need to be competitive, especially in this society.”

The pressure to look young and fabulous is so immense that parents give gifts of plastic surgery to their children!

I am still grappling with this, but it begs the question, “Is beauty only skin deep?”

Is how you feel on the inside impacted by how you look on the outside?

Does appearance affect and add to your level of confidence?

That’s only for you to decide.


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Photo copyright Ovation

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