How to Dress for Success with Less Stress and More Confidence: Being Well-Heeled

I was at a luncheon last week, and was fascinated by a woman executive as she entered the restaurant. She was dressed and groomed to the nines: well-tailored suit, perfect makeup, beautiful hairdo.

However, what really caught my attention was how she walked: Very awkwardly.

She was wearing shoes with heels so high that she teetered gingerly and looked like she was about to topple over.

This did not convey poise and self-assurance.

I am always puzzled by women who choose to wear heels that steal their confidence.

I’m all for fashion, but not if it makes you uncomfortable and unsteady on your feet.

When your legs shake and your feet teeter as you walk, it does not exude confidence.

One tip is to have a skilled shoe repair cut 1/8th to 1/4-inch off the heel. That may sound drastic, but, in actuality, it helps you to stand more firmly on your feet.

Another tip is to avoid heels that aren’t completely comfortable and wearable the moment you try them on.

No matter how fantastic super-high heels may make your legs look, being unsteady on your feet will never help you look grounded in confidence.



Copyright 2016 Michelle Kerrigan

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