Cancer Unplugged: The whole enchilada, baby!

If there’s one big thing I’ve realized in dealing with cancer, it’s this: You’ve got to see your body as a whole.

I’ve found that, with cancer, we see more specialists than anything else. This doctor specializes in oncology; this one in surgery; that one in radiology.

With all these specialists, you can lose site of the big picture: Your body as a whole.

You need to address other things besides cancer, such as your mind, your digestion, your nutrition, your sleep, your relaxation, your exercise regime, your heart, your muscles, your weight, and even your grooming.

And that can include trips to your GP, cardiologist, and/or gynocologist, or taking gym classes, probiotics, vitamins, reflexology–you get the idea

It’s rare that one doctor sees the whole enchilada—but you’ve got to!

After all, you’re more than one thing–you’re many things–and you need to be good to yourself, y’hear??

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I am also giving a shout-out to my friends at the TJ Martell Foundation, the music industry’s largest research foundation that focuses on finding cures for Aids, leukemia and cancer. Thank you!

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