Cancer Unplugged™: Know Your Research Dates!

As my husband battles cancer, I have been doing a lot more research than I have ever done before.

Many people tell me they refuse to do research because they are afraid of what they may find.

I agree—it’s difficult, but it’s necessary to know what you’re up against, and what your options are.

If you do decide to do a google search, an important thing to remember is this: pay close attention to the dates of your research.

I have discovered some horror stories—from 5 years ago–and cancer treatment has come very far since then. With the speed of technology, even a year can make a difference.

Knowing to check your dates going in will help you research with confidence!

Cheers to your good health!,



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I am also giving a shout-out to my friends at the TJ Martell Foundation, the music industry’s largest research foundation that focuses on finding cures for Aids, leukemia and cancer. Thank you!

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