Relaxing Rituals: Epsom Salt Baths

Relaxing rituals

In every workday, there are corporate rituals: procedures and routines designed to ensure safety, performance and productivity. We respect them and adhere to them.

We also need to develop rituals in our private lives: Habits that help us feel relaxed, refreshed and de-stressed so we, too, can safeguard our health, performance and productivity. We need to respect them and adhere to them too.

So, here’s a relaxing ritual that I adore: Epsom salt baths.

Who knew that a 4 pound carton of magnesium sulfate, u.s.p.—that costs roughly $6—could bring such pleasure??!!

Epsom salts are available at any pharmacy, and 2 cups poured into a warm bath will relax your muscles and make your skin feel like but-tah!

Try it and see.





Copyright 2016 Michelle Kerrigan


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