Organize U: Quick & Easy Reminders

Being organized is all about creating a system that speaks to you: One that you can easily follow and maintain.

I’m a big believer in keeping a to-do list: One place that captures all the tasks you need or want to accomplish.

But, when my life is running at top speed–as it usually is–and I remember something important I need to do, I want a system that not only speaks to me, but shouts at me!

So—I grab my phone and send myself an email with the task in the subject line, IN ALL CAPS.

That way, not only do I have a record of it, the task jumps out at me when I review my incoming messages. (and BTW—I leave it highlighted until I either do it, add it to my list, or schedule it on my calendar.)

Give it a whirl and see!

Cheers to a more organized you!


Copyright 2016 Michelle Kerrigan


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