From pain to peace

As my readers know, I have been absent from my blog for a long time.

Much has happened. Nothing good.

My beautiful mom got sick in May and died suddenly in July. Her death has taken its toll—I miss her more than I can say.

My mom was always a great comfort to me, and, after her death, I thought that comfort was gone forever. Then, a wonderful thing happened the other day.

I was at my physical therapy appointment, and my therapist (who is pregnant, with a December delivery date), was discussing her fear of giving birth for the first time.

She told me about her friend, who had a lot of difficulty and pain. My therapist was praying the same wouldn’t happen to her.

Suddenly, I remembered the story my mom told me about my own birth, and I shared it.

I had been a breach birth (I have always been difficult ;), and my mom had to be completely aware to help deliver me safely.

Pain in this process was inevitable, however, my mom just focused on the positive: The miracle of birth. I remember how her eyes lit up and her face glowed as she recalled how thrilled she was when the doctor held me up for her to see.

My mom had a healthy new daughter!

A daughter who will always remember this beautiful story.

I think my physical therapist will remember it too. I could see that it gave her a sense of calm and comfort.

It lessened my pain too, and focused me on another miracle: My loving Mom, who will always deliver me safely to a place of peace.



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