Michelle Kerrigan

Companies rise and fall. Careers come and go.
Everything changes, but the benefits of confidence last a lifetime.

Michelle Kerrigan is the expert in workplace confidence who has been helping companies, careers and leaders grow stronger and more successful for over three decades.

Known for extensive leadership experience and practical mastery in day-to-day operations and execution, Michelle is a powerful resource for developing the 3 keys everyone needs to succeed. 

Michelle does what no one else does. She bridges the gap between confidence and performance, providing an invaluable road map for conquering fear and doubt, navigating change, and solving day-to-day challenges. Her common sense approach makes a positive and lasting impact on people in the workplace, increasing their morale, resiliency and effectiveness.

Michelle has a rare expertise and perspective that come from working on both sides of the desk. As a leader, then advisor, she has extensive hands-on experience working with businesses that range from startups to large corporations, including senior roles at CBS and Sony. She also provides consulting and coaching for high-net-worth family office and private clients.

In addition, Michelle writes and speaks about the roles confidence and self esteem play in achieving success, leads workshops and Business a la Carte working lunches in executive excellence, and produces and hosts a series for public TV, Workplace Confidence. She is an expert contributor to Business Insider, First30Days, ExecuNet, Local Job Network and Women Who Run It.

For more information about Michelle’s work, please visit:  www.MichelleKerriganInc.com.




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