How to be Merry today!

Well—it’s Christmas Day, and for many that means happiness and celebration. It is a birthday party after all! However, for many people, Christmas can feel like a let-down. After all the office parties and frantic rush to shop, prep and finish work before the holiday begins, you can be left feeling sort of blah. If

Shortcut to Happy!

Recently, someone asked me for a shortcut to happiness at work. Yep—shortcut. This person was having a particularly stressful and anxious day, and needed help—fast! Here’s what I told her to do: Smile. Yep. It’s that easy. Research has proven that our bodies can inform our minds, actually changing our brain chemistry. A smile encourages

Enjoy Your Life!

Yesterday, my husband and I spent the day with friends, driving out to the North Fork of Long Island. We made stops at Jamesport, Mattituck, Laurel, New Suffolk. We strolled the farm stands and picked out fresh produce and fish; popped into small shops for gardening and home supplies; then headed for drinks and appetizers